Bitcode.art Review

Today we are going to chat all about Bitcode.art. This platform focuses on bringing generative art to Solana. The goal is to have artists from around the world curated on the website to build a strong community. But how does it work?

Generative Art the art is created using code. Then you pick a project that you enjoy, pay for it and you will receive a randomly generated version of this project! This will then be sent to your Solana wallet. This is amazing because every collector will have an endless possibility of what they receive. 

Bitcode.art is now on Discord. You can check it out HERE. In their Discord you will be able to interact with other community members and collectors. This is a perfect way for you to chat with folks who are interested in the Bitcode.art community. 

Their website has a roadmap that shows you where they will be as they grow! For example in 2022 they will be working on community building. This is a perfect reason for you to join their Discord today since the community is growing. They also have a Twitter account where you can get updates and interact with the creators and community!

Here are some examples of amazing artwork you can see:

Want to support their community and amazing project? Be sure to check out all of their links!


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