Best Overwatch Heroes for Ranked in Season 28

by: Jessica Hamphrey

In this article, we will suggest the best Overwatch heroes to rank up in Season 28. 

Overwatch is one of the most popular FPS games on the market and players love it because it constantly evolves and changes. With that, the META ( Most Effective Tactics Available)  changes and it is very important to understand which heroes to play in Overwatch ranked so you can win games and rank up easily. Yes, of course, you can be good at any hero and win games, but some characters just allow you to do it faster and more efficiently.

In the beginning, it’s important to realize that after the recent Ball and Echo nerfs took place in Overwatch, players in high ranks tend to incline towards rush-type compositions, and the Season 28 META ( at least at the beginning of the season) will most likely be Brawl type comps. 

Before we get into specific heroes, it’s necessary to mention the basic assets of this type of composition: its group-based, fast comp, which relies heavily on fast engagements and close-range fights. When Rush comp burns all its resources, they lose their peak strength and need to stabilize and wait for the cooldowns to reset and the HP to be restored. ( Example: GOATS META). That is a very basic explanation of a Brawl composition in Overwatch, but now you will have a better understanding of why we recommend the following heroes for Season 28 of Overwatch. Let’s dive into it!


1 Reinhardt. This hero is a pinnacle of Rush compositions and is the best and most important pick for the upcoming Brawl META in Season 28. 

He has a moving shield that allows the group of players to move safely from point A to point B, does a lot of area damage in close range and just overall is the best option for fast, team engagements. The best tank according to overwatch boosters from Overboost.pro. No more words have to be said, just play Rein and you will win your games! 

2. Zarya. You already have probably guessed our second tank recommendation – Zarya, Rein’s best and strongest companion in Overwatch that compliments him and the rush composition in all aspects. She can save teammates by absorbing damage with her bubbles and also increases her damage by a lot while doing so. Yes, it’s a bit tough to get on track with your bubble management if you have not played her before, but it’s definitely doable!

Zarya is a key and important component in the upcoming Overwatch META. 

Honorable mention. Dva. Dva can be very strong on maps with a lot of high ground ( such as Gibraltar, Numbani 1 and 2 points, ext.) and compliments the rush composition by adding high ground control which is usually a weak spot for Rein Zarya group comps. She can also absorb a lot of damage with her matrix and give space and time for her team by using the ult. Dva is more of a utility pick compared to Zarya. We also remember Rein Dva comps being META a couple of seasons ago.


1. Lucio . Lucio adds the most important piece of the Rush compositions – speed. The value added to Reinhardt by Lucio speed is enormous and can not be foreseen. Lucio will be a must-have pick and will be a difference-maker between Win or Loss. 

Essential toolkit for upcoming Overwatch Rush META. 

2. Baptiste. Due to how amazing his Immortality field is and the AOE area healing he can provide – he is the best choice for a second support spot. Also, his damage output and high ground mobility add a lot of value to the comp which makes him a second must-pick support in Season 28 of Overwatch. However, you have to be very precise with his ability usage because he has very long cooldowns and a mistakenly used ability can be a reason why your team lost the fight, so make sure to train and practice the hero before picking it. 

Honorable Mention. Moira. Moira can be a very effective pick if you are looking into fast, prolonged group engagement because the amount of AOE healing she does with her Healing Orb and Left Click can be higher, and her cooldowns are lower than Baptiste ones, but you give up on damage output, immortality, and high ground control so keep that in mind. Also, Moira’s Ultimate can be more effective for the Rush to engage past the enemies Amplification Window and overall gives more movement freedom to the team. 


Well, now we get to the most interesting part and not such a straightforward one. There is a lot to choose from so let’s start with the obvious ones. 

1. Reaper. Recently got an additional damage buff. Very strong hero close range does a huge amount of damage to the tanks and overall is a good fit for the Rush compositions in Overwatch. It is the way this hero is designed and there is not much to add here. Reaper is a good fit with Lucio and Rein. One of the best heroes in terms of win rate on Overwatchtracker.com

2. Hanzo. High damage, good cohesiveness with Zarya’s Graviton, high ground mobility. Adds long-range damage and high burst shield damage. Overall an amazing kit for the upcoming META and considering his recent Storm Arrows buff – definitely a reliable pick. 

3. Mei. Mei was always a very important part of all Rush METAs after 2-2-2 role lock was introduced, just because she fits very well with the group team comp strategy – she can build additional terrain, she has AOE freeze, super-strong AOE ultimate and she also can save herself if needed using Cryo-Freeze. Seems like Mei will be making a comeback in META and we will start to see her more often.

4. Mccree. Here comes the Cowboy! As we said, upcoming META will be close range group comps, but even then – Mccree can find a lot of value especially against heroes like Reaper and Mei. A properly used Flashbang stun can change the flow of the fight and give the team the ability to instantly kill a hero or even combine it with ultimates like Rein’s Shatter. High damage output both on targets and shields only adds value and we will see Mccree a lot more in Overwatch ranked games.  

Honorable mention. Symmetra. Yes, guys, this hero still exists and we predict to see her more often in Season 28. Her tool kit is amazing for Brawl comps especially in closed spaces ( like on Lijiang Night Market point or point A Hanamura ). Also , let’s not forget her ability to destroy shields and the damage she gets by doing so. Of course, it’s hard to execute her for a player that does not have any practice on this hero, but you can always improve, it’s never late!

Well, that’s it for now. We gave you a brief look at what we think will be the most “efficient” hero picks in Season 28 of Overwatch and gave our thoughts and predictions on the upcoming META. Overwatch is always changing and evolving, so we are looking to make these types of articles on a regular basis. We hope you enjoyed it and hope this will help you increase your Overwatch skill rating and wish you best of luck in Season 28! See you soon. 

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