Vtuber Interview with Nym Li!

Today I got to interview a time-traveling Vtuber named Nym Li! Here is what they had to say:

1. What made you want to start Vtubing?

It’s funny because the only reason I started streaming was because I wanted to show off my Animal Crossing Island and I honestly had no intention of taking it any further. Around the same time I started my no camera Animal Crossing streams, I discovered Hololive and Nijisanji, but it never dawned on me that I could do something like this myself. It was only until when one of my friends did an experimental avatar stream that I realized this was something that just about anyone can try. After that, I started researching easy entry-level Vtubing applications and free motion tracking softwares. Once I got everything set up, I really got into streaming as a hobby and here I am as a full-blown Vtuber!

2. How did you decide on what your model would look like?

I based my model with the type of story I wanted to tell. I created this dystopian futuristic world in my head and decided my girl would be a time traveler who escaped from her world and ended up in ours. From there it was just matching the model aesthetic with my world and story. At first I really wanted a live2d model but because it was such a big financial investment, I ended up working with 3D models on Vroid. Keeping the whole cyberpunk future setting in mind, I bought premade textures I could work with and the result is Nym’s current look. I wish I could have incorporated a lot more of my initial ideas but I was a bit limited without an artist I could work with.

3. What can people expect to see from you in 2021?

I mentioned previously that I had a slightly different character design in mind but got limited with my resources. For 2021, my first project is to have a redesign in 2D this time. I want to bring to life what I was initially planning and I finally feel like I am now at a place where Vtubing has become something that I’m passionate about and a real hobby I’d like to pursue. Another side project I am researching on is pose tracking, which could provide me with a way to post dance videos as a Vtuber. I’ve always wanted to try doing Kpop dance covers and this would be the perfect chance to do it. Lastly, I want to expand my content and have some arts and crafts streams, so I’m working on this as well. Hopefully, I can get all these up and running by the end of 2021.

4. What has been your favorite part about vtubing so far?

Vtubing gave me an outlet to be myself and not be afraid or self-conscious. Some people like to think of the avatar models as a mask to hide your identity but really having this avatar has made me open up more. For me, Vtubing isn’t about playing a character but more of using this persona you’ve built to showcase your personality that you otherwise wouldn’t normally be comfortable showing. I’m thankful for discovering Vtubing because I feel like this has helped me love and understand myself a whole lot more. Not only that, but I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in this community, and everyone is overall very supportive. Last year has been crazy for the most part, and because of the Pandemic, it’s hard to make human connections but through Vtubing, I was able to create these connections with people and this has made the current situation feel less lonely.

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