Troy Kramm Voices Drake in “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

Voice Actor Troy Kramm is now the official voice of Drake in the upcoming web series “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

About Troy Kramm

“I am passionate about creating projects that work for you and your vision. Creativity and fun are what I bring to any project. Together we can create a project that is unique and professional. 

Located in Saskatchewan, Canada, I have continued to work as a mental health and addiction professional while being active as a voice-over talent.

I continue to actively work on projects with a variety of clients. These projects range from commercial voiceover work to providing commentary for professional wrestling. I hope to continue to find new and exciting projects to be a part of and I look forward to working with you.”

About “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

Bevvy and August Hills live a perfectly normal life together. They are married. They are in love. They are happy in their forest home. But there’s only one catch. August is a monster and Bevvy is their knight. Follow the slice-of-life chaos as Bevvy does his best to keep August and his monster form safe from harm (or causing that harm).

A web-comic only found on WEBTOON! Follow on Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

About the Characters

“I Married a Monster on a Hill” will have many different characters, but the main cast will always be Bevvy and August Hills. Learn more about them below.

Bevvy Hills

Pronouns: He/Him

Bevvy is a big man with lots of love and joy in his heart. He always tells dad jokes and is lawful good. He is August’s knight and partner and is always laughing!

August Hills

Pronouns: he/they

August is an elegant person with lots of things to say. They have a HUGE heart but often get into trouble. They are also a monster and always looking for ways to get attention from Bevvy.


Pronouns: he/him

Reginald is an artist who is very chaotic. He is often getting hurt and does anything to get attention from his wife Amy and friends. He likes to feel like a star in his friend group and is very stubborn!


Pronouns: she/her

Amy is ex-military who now owns a furniture store. She is very strong, has a short temper, serious and gets embarrassed easily but hides it. She is married to Reginald who gets on her nerves. 


Pronouns: he/him

John is a psychologist who is married to his boss Thomas. He is serious at work but outside of work, he is a chaotic, high-energy man who loves his family and friends. He is very needy and needs acknowledgment all the time, can get sensitive and jealous fast, but is overall a nice guy.


Pronouns: he/him

Thomas is a psychologist who is always helping his friends and family. He works with his husband John. He is very serious, has a short temper, and is never seen laughing. Thomas loves his pet fish and strawberries.


Pronouns: They/Them

​Nate is an extremely chaotic scientist. They enjoy poking fun at their friends (especially Reginald) and sometimes go too far with their jokes. Nate enjoys partying and going out but they are very secretive about their personal life and only open up to a few friends. Nate is married to the responsible Conrad who keeps them from blowing up the world with their science!


Pronouns: He/Him

Conrad is ex-military who is now a principal at an elementary school. He is very kind, ditzy and old school. He loves frogs. He is married to Nate who is always causing him troubles.


Pronouns: He/Him

Issac is a doctor who enjoys peace. He is serious at work and loves spending time with his friends and family. Issac has a crow pet named Crowleon who is always with him. Issac tends to be quiet but is always there when others are in need!


Pronouns: He/Him

Logan is a writer who enjoys all thing anime and Dungeons and Dragons related. Logan get’s very nervous when it comes to deadlines but knows he is a great writer. He can sometimes be a know it all but loves his wife Nadine and his friends. Logan also loves anime waifus.


Pronouns: She/Her

Leotie is a fiery troublemaker who always speaks her mind. She is very dedicated and protective of her wife Iris, loves drinking lemonade and cares deeply for her group of friends. She once ran an all-girl battalion focused on gathering intel for the military, but is now retired as a Yoga instructor. She loves picking on her son Reginald and is a self-proclaimed best friend to Thomas. 


Pronouns: He/Him

Alliard is an extremely arrogant man who is always causing trouble for his friends. He tends to take jokes too far and always ends up hurting someone’s feelings. Alliard truly has no filter and always speaks up about his opinions. Loudly. He is very caring when his family and friends really need him.


Pronouns: He/Him

Drake is a simple guy. He likes nature and hanging out with his friends. Drake has a temper sometimes that gets him into trouble. He works with Ken and his best friend is Alliard. Drake is very shy around his girlfriend. 

Stay tuned for updates for “I Married a Monster on a Hill” and get ready to jump into this slice-of-life, chaotic world with the Hills Family.

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