The Soulless Citadel Review

NFTs are becoming extremely popular on the internet. More and more artists and creators are joining the metaverse and showing their art to the world. Hand drawn art, digital art, photography, the possibilities are endless in the metaverse. Today we are going to chat all about the NFT collection The Soulless Citadel and what they have in store for you.

There are 5,555 unique NFTs in this collection. But what makes them so special? These NFTs come with an amazing story created by two filmmakers that have made multiple award winning documentaries together. Here is a sample of their story: 

“In a  time  long  ago,  there  was  peace,  there  was  balance  in  a  land  called  Zillarnia.  Where  one’s children  could  wander  to  the  next  village  without  a  worry  and  be  greeted  with  a  warm  meal  and a  smiling  face.  It  is  remembered  as, The  Era  of  Balance. Where  the  people  did  not  just  survive, but  thrived.  In  the  center  of  Zillarnia,  was  a  people  group  called  the  Light  Walker  Clan.  The fiercest  warriors  in  all  the  land  and  the  protectors  of  all  people  in  Zillarnia  and  led  by  the benevolent,  Sensei  Lux.  If  you  were  one  lucky  enough  to  be  born  a  Light  Walker  Clan,  you  were not  raised  like  the  other  surrounding  villages,  you  were  raised  with  the  finest  forged  metals  in the  land  and  taught  to  wield  them  as  if  they  were  part  of  your  own  soul.”

The designs of these NFTs are perfect for any collector who wants to add more cartoon styled pieces to their gallery. The Soulless Citadel will be launching on a very green blockchain that is extremely energy efficient. They are known as @zilliqa Blockchain. They are releasing more stories about The Soulless Citadel as time goes by. NFT holders will get to decide the fate of their NFTs. 

The Soulless Citadel also has a very interactive discord. This is great for fans and collectors looking to interact with the creators as well as staying updated. There you will learn news about drops, polls, and much more! Get a chance at whitelisting in their discord. The possibilities are endless. 

If you are interested in learning more about their creative story, amazing designs, and updates be sure to check out all of their links. There you will be able to support their work and perhaps find your next NFT. Support The Soulless Citadel today. You won’t regret it. 

Discord: discord.gg/soullesscitadel

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoullessCitadel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soullesscitadel

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