The Metamorphosis of RWBY: The Journey of Rooster Teeth’s Hit Animation Series

Hey there, fellow RWBY enthusiasts! Now that we’re in the review season of Volume 9, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been following the journey of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang since the very beginning. I’m here to take you on a trip down memory lane as we explore the evolution of RWBY, from its early days as a low-budget web series to its current status as a full-fledged anime.

We’ll delve into the changes in animation style, storytelling, and character development that have made this show such a fan favorite. Plus, we’ll chat about how All Ages of Geek’s Boys Love series “I Married a Monster on a Hill” fits into this evolution as a Boys Love comic that challenges traditional gender roles and queer relationship narratives. So grab your favorite RWBY merch, and let’s dive in!

Before we jump in be sure to check out All Ages of Geek’s RWBY Reactions on YouTube.

The Early Days of RWBY: A Low-Budget Labor of Love

Remember those days when we couldn’t wait for a new RWBY episode to drop on Rooster Teeth’s website? The show had a humble beginning as a passion project by the late Monty Oum. Despite the limited budget, the creators managed to capture our hearts with their unique blend of Western and Eastern storytelling elements.


The animation style back then was more simplistic, with Poser being the primary animation software. The character models, textures, and lighting might not have been the most polished, but the charm was undeniable. The fluidity of the action scenes and the use of color and stylization made RWBY stand out in a sea of online animated content.

The Turning Point: From Web Series to Full-Fledged Anime

With each passing season, RWBY’s animation, storytelling, and character development have evolved. The switch from Poser to Autodesk Maya in Volume 4 marked a significant turning point in the show’s visual evolution. This change allowed for more intricate character models, smoother animation, and a more immersive environment.

The storytelling has matured as well, with the writers delving deeper into the lore and building a complex world filled with intrigue, politics, and history. The character arcs have also grown more nuanced, with Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang facing internal and external challenges that test their resolve and redefine their relationships.

“I Married a Monster on a Hill”: All Ages of Geek Inspired by RWBY

One of the most notable aspects of RWBY’s evolution has been its power to inspire other creators, such as All Ages of Geek, who have embraced the spirit of inclusivity and representation that Rooster Teeth’s show embodies. This inspiration led All Ages of Geek to create their own project, “I Married a Monster on a Hill,” a Boys Love comic and visual novel.

All Ages of Geek, deeply influenced by RWBY’s commitment to characters and storylines, has crafted a comic that focuses on interaction and Boys Love. This fresh perspective not only pays homage to the creativity of RWBY. The creators at All Ages of Geek continue to demonstrate that, like RWBY, their work can inspire positive change and foster a sense of community among fans who appreciate and celebrate diversity in storytelling.

RWBY Today: A Testament to Passion and Perseverance

It’s truly astounding to witness the journey RWBY has taken since its debut in 2013. What began as a small passion project has blossomed into a global phenomenon with an ever-expanding universe, a vibrant community, and a lasting impact on the animation industry. The characters have become more relatable, the animation more awe-inspiring, and the stories more captivating.

It’s important to recognize that RWBY, like any creative endeavor, isn’t for everyone. Some viewers might resonate more with certain volumes than others, and that’s perfectly okay. The series has had its ups and downs, but the creators have consistently pushed themselves to improve and grow, which is part of what makes RWBY so special. By embracing the show’s strengths and acknowledging its weaknesses, we can appreciate the dedication and hard work that has gone into creating this one-of-a-kind animated universe.

So, let’s raise a glass (or a Crescent Rose) to RWBY and eagerly await the next chapter in the saga of our beloved Huntresses. Whether you’re a die-hard fan who’s been with the show since day one or a newcomer who’s just discovered the magic of Remnant, there’s no denying the power of RWBY’s evolution. Together, we’ll continue to explore this fantastic world, connect with fellow fans, and celebrate the creative genius behind one of the most beloved animated series of our time. Cheers, and may the adventure continue!

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