SuspiciousStrangeKiddo Review

This collection showcases art pieces that are truly breaking the norm in the metaverse. Each picture has a color in the background and line work that draws out an image. For example you may see an eye or even a face in an abstract way. Collectors looking to add more abstract pieces to their gallery should consider checking out this collection.

The amazing part about this collection is each art has their own story. Almost like a puzzle, collectors can find clues inside the art title and description which resembles the story. When the puzzle is solved and every piece of art is collected, they will unlock a mysterious NFT prize. The price of the art is determined by the prize of each piece of the chapter! The more people join the higher the prize pool. 

If you are interested in supporting their work be sure to check out their links. You will be able to view this stunning NFT and even check out future projects. Maybe you will even find your next big NFT. Support them today!

Opensea account :https://opensea.io/SuspiciousStrangeKiddo

Twitter account :https://twitter.com/KiddoSuspicious

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