Spy x Family Episode 14 Review

MinaRose2023 here with a new SpyxFamily review.

In this episode Yor saved Anya from the bombers. She called the police to tell them where the bombers were in the alley. Anya saw the future of Loid dying because of a bomb thanks to the Dog that can see the future thus she ran off on top of the Dog to go save Loid. Anya found the place where the bomb was set up and she went in through a small hole to try to disarm the bomb but she couldn’t. She saw ketchup and warned Loid with the ketchup. Loid listened to the warming and left unscathed and then went to save the prime Minister by dressing up as him and killing the bomb Dog.

Overall this episode was interesting Anya would still have been taken care of by Yor if Loid died so that was bittersweet to see in the alternate timeline. Yor truly loves Anya and takes her role as her mom seriously and that’s beautiful to see.

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