RWBY Volume 8 Midseason Trailer Breakdown

On January 23rd, Rooster Teeth released a trailer for the rest of Volume 8. It’s description says: “The clash between Salem and Ironwood’s forces has begun. With our heroes caught in the middle and impossible choices in every direction, will they figure out how to save the Kingdom of Atlas… or is the war for Remnant already lost?”

I don’t know about you, but this is giving me Volume 3 vibes. First half tame, second half, dark. Yes, the first half of this Volume was the tame half. It only gets darker from here on out.

A big thing about this trailer is the new scenes. One scene is Ironwood slamming his fist on his desk saying “I have always promised to defend this kingdom from those who would see it destroyed…no matter the cost.” As Winter leads the Ace-Ops, carrying the bomb into, Monstra the Whale Grimm. Then Ruby gets thrown by something. Next we see a shot of Penny opening her eye, which are now red. Then we see a new Grimm that is able to spit, presumably, acid. The next new scene involves Watts and Qrow in their cells looking at something, then it proceeds to explode. Next is the Hound in, what I’m assuming, is the Schnee family yard. Then it’s Salem grabbing Oscar’s head and she looks furious.

RWBY Volume 8 comes back on February 6th.

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