NXT Level Anime’s NEW Manga Coyoopa

A new manga from NXT Level Anime is here. But before we chat about that let’s discover who NXT Level Anime is. Founded by Lloyd Jackson in March of 2020 fans of anime, cartoons, and manga will love NXT Level Anime and their original works. “From now on, all the cartoon, animation, manga, and anime die hard fans around the world, will be able to find here the most original & awesome content that will feed their adventurous and curious spirit.”

The original manga coming to NXT Level Anime is called Coyoopa. This action packed manga follows a warrior named Huron. He is  the protector of the Village Clan and aspires to become the Guardian of Planet Coyoopa. Shounen fans will love this manga!

You can check out their Youtube channel for read alongs, fun ads, and updates all about Coyoopa. There is even a trailer for the manga making it easier for anime lovers to follow! Be sure to check out the original trailer:

*insert into website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9RRu1yEo7Q*

Fans of the manga can also browse their website to find original and amazing merchandise! You can also find a page all about their characters. Dragon Ball Z fans especially will love this manga. The fight scenes and dialogue are truly amazing. With easy to browse pages readers will find their site great while reading!

If you are interested in learning more be sure to view all of their links:






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