My Thoughts on the PS5 Event

Well the time finally came where we would know about the things that were going to be showed on the PS5 event that happened last Wednesday, and while it seems like things are heating up, in my eyes, it worries me about the future of consoles and this whole “PC vs Console” war that’s been going on, and this is coming from the person who spent five months talking about the history of console wars.

So let’s talk about everything in order.

Something that bugged me right out the gate was that Sony wanted to show the true graphical power of the PS5, but we ended up getting a message on the screen that said “Emulated on a PC to show a PS5 experience.” That was probably the biggest red flag throughout the entire event, especially when these consoles are trying to compete with PC, but also my main concern being they don’t have any footage of the game running on the actual hardware, which in my eyes, is already a dealbreaker, because I can’t buy a console that doesn’t show its true power right out the gate, and I have to imagine that what we saw was the PS5, when they haven’t shown anything for it.

Afterwards, we got a reveal of Final Fantasy 16, which was admittedly a surprise since 15 came out many a year ago, and is still a relatively popular game to play for the JRPG audience. Although the game isn’t my cup of tea since it’s hard for me to get into RPG games, it’s nice to see that a very well known franchise is getting a new game. However the main criticism I have for it was that they said it was a PS5 exclusive, with quite the asterisk of “Also available on PC” which isn’t the only game with the asterisk.

Next up was Spider-Man: Miles Morales and this game did have footage from the PS5, which I hope it did or else I would be getting increasingly concerned, and the game put an immediate smile on my face when I saw the Puerto Rican flags hanging on the fire escapes in Spanish Harlem in the game. Nice to see my naive country and my heritage getting recognition in the game. There were noticeable audio problems as well, where the audio didn’t sync up at all, and even through that, I’m actually interested in this game. I’ve never played a Spider-Man game before, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s gonna tell me to play the first one before diving into this game. It’ll be nice to see how well this game does.

Next up was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and I’m already excited for it, we got a sneak peek of the campaign, I saw the multiplayer reveal, I played the Alpha of the game, my body is ready to the max for this game, but I do have one criticism. Just make the Alpha available worldwide. I hate the brand superiority thing or the playing favorites thing that Activision has done, where PS4 players play the Alpha first, while Xbox and PC players wait an extra month for it. It makes the game less profitable in a way, and it makes it increasingly annoying that Activision is showing a bias to Sony, when this game is literally gonna be released on five whole platforms on Friday the 13th of November.

Next we get another teaser for RE8, and I’m also interested in that as well. Did you know that Chris is a mountain of beef now?

Deathloop is next, and this is another game I’m interested in seeing where it goes, and it really reminds me of BioShock, so let’s see what that game has in store for us when it releases. It’s also another game with the asterisk of “Also available on PC”.

Next we get Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, which I don’t care much for, but it’s nice to see that game come to the PS5, although this is a game being remastered to fill in for the slight lack of launch titles the system has. Slight, not complete.

Next was Oddworld: Soulstorm. Next

Next was FNAF 8. Next

Next was Demon’s Souls. A game that was released in 2009 being brought back in 2020. For 70 dollars on launch. Next

Next was Fortnite. Don’t care.

If it isn’t obvious, my emotions were slowly getting negative not only in this article, but when I did my live reaction to this event. Four games in a row was a game I never grew up with, a franchise that should’ve died after the fourth game, an 11 year old game, and a game that 11 year olds play. My mood pretty much plummeted to this level in the reaction, because now I became disinterested in wanting to buy a PS5, and my opinions on it were beginning to get negative.

Also there was a Harry Potter game that was shown, which was pretty nifty, although I’m not a fan of Harry Potter for the reasoning being that I never read the books or the movies because Diary of a Wimpy Kid existed for me, but it’s nice to see that there’s a game out there for the Harry Potter fans.

Sony then made a response to the Xbox Game Pass, that being the PS Plus Collection, which is also interesting to see, since I own the Game Pass myself.

We then got the price for the PS5, and folks, the price is not right. So it’s 500 for it, and 400 for the digital model, and I’m not saying that’s a bad price for a console, but in a gaming standpoint, half or most of the games that were shown in this event, you can play on PC, or it’s gonna be on the Xbox Series X as well. And if you’re a PC owner, there’d be no point in owning a PS5 if half of the games shown are coming to PC anyways. It just fell flat as hell for me, and that’s worrying, because I was hoping the day would come that I take the shot in the dark and buy a console day one, but I think I may be skipping out for a year or two, and focus my money on continuing to build my PC/Streaming rig for the time to come until something of interest interests me to purchase this console.

And lastly, we got a teaser for God of War: Ragnarok, which I’ll admit, will be very interesting since the recent one that came out was critically acclaimed.

But the true MVP of this entire event was the GoPro HERO 9, because before the event even started, I saw a recommendation for it while waiting for the stream, and I was far more excited for a small little camcorder, than an entire console. Yes, there’s actual footage of me getting distracted to watch that advertisement, and yes I’m tempted to buy one.

But in all seriousness, this PS5 event felt like a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t feel excited to want to buy a PS5, let alone be excited for any sort of competition with the PS5 or the Xbox, when this whole competition has devolved from a console war, to a brand loyalty war that has been stale and annoying throughout the Eight Generation of consoles. As we prep for the 9th, it doesn’t look good for either Xbox or the PS5, as it just feels like we’re purchasing paperweight at this point, and buying the consoles for their brand exclusives, rather than for the games they have to offer to pull us in.

I’m not interested in the PS5 at all, nor am I interested in the Xbox, and that makes me concerned about what the future of consoles will come to be by the end of the 9th.

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