Lycoris Recoil Episode 3 Review

by: MinaRose2023

Hello Everyone MinaRose2023 with another Lycoris Recoil Review.

This time it was all about Takina trying to get back into the DA. Chisato talked to Kusonoki, the DA head but she wouldn’t budge on getting Takina back. 

Fuki kept saying how Takina didn’t follow orders and there was an interference with the command but either way Takina couldn’t come back.

Sakura made fun of Takina in the shooting range then Chisato challenged them both with Takina.

Takina ran away feeling frustrated she couldn’t get back in the DA but Chisato comforted her. 

Then they both fought Sakura and Fuki with paintball shoots and won.

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Hello everyone MinaRose2023 here with another Lycoris Recoil Review. This time…
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