Journey Game Review

One of the successful indie games of all time is the game Journey, which was developed by the indie game studio Thatgamecompany. It was first released on March 13th,2012 for the Playstation3 and later on July 21th,2015 for the Playstation4. There is also a PC version that came out on June 6th,2019.

In Journey we slip in the role of a nameless figure, who is almost completely wrapped in a large cloth cloak. We don’t know the name or have any details about the background story of the mysterious figure.

(Our nameless character)

At the beginning of the game we are pretty much alone, we don’t know where to go or get an indication of what to do. It only become clear that the big mountain on the horizon is our goal. Why the mountain is our goal is not explained to us. So we travel with our thin-legged character through the extensive deserts, explore mysterious ruins and dark catacombs. When we have discovered a ruin we ask ourselves what happened here and do a little research. We also have to solve a little riddle to get to a new stage in the game.

(Gameplay scenes)

We also quickly notice that our character can only jump, slide through the sand, and glide through the air, which was not really a problem for me because it’s all we need in the game. How far we can glide through the air or how high we can jump depends on how much energy we have collected. By the length of our scarf, we can see how much energy we have collected. The longer our scarf is, the more energy we have.

During our journey through the game, we find symbols, paintings, and other references to the background story of Journey. We don’t get a lot of information about the backstory, so everyone can make their own backstory of the game. I think it is a good thing because everyone has their own experiences and emotions during the game. It’s a different experience for everyone.

What impressed me the most about the game is the music in the game. It has something calm and relaxing that always fits every situation and location perfectly. There is also a multiplayer mode in the game. Sometimes we can meet other players in the game who can join us on our journey. The only problem is communication with our comrade because there is no chat in the game. Which makes the communication a little bit complicated.

However, this creates a special multiplayer dynamic, which together with the breathtaking gaming experience, creates a unique atmosphere. 

(Multiplayer mode)

Journey is a beautiful game, just right to relax after a long day. Which makes it perfect for this, with a game length of only around two hours.

When I played the game for the first time it was a very emotional experience for me. Because it teaches us that no matter how difficult or hard the path is sometimes, we shouldn’t give up but keep going forward. It’s important that we always believe in ourselves and that we never lose hope in difficult situations. Because we can only reach our goals and dreams if we believe in ourselves.

What also impressed me was the wonderful world in the game, the almost meditative gameplay, and the simple but interesting multiplayer mode. Journey is a wonderful gaming experience that everyone should experience once.

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