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Tips on how to show support for your favorite content creators!

In this article I want to write about the importance of supporting a content creator, and what you can do to support your favorite content creator.

Support is very important for a creator, it’s motivating, it has a supportive effect and it is a praise for their good work. There are many things you can do to support your favorite content creator. Like and share the content, it helps to expand the range and is a compliment for their work. Follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube or Twitch channels.

You can also support the creator with donations. Donations help to improve the equipment steadily, and help to produce more content with a higher quality. Donate only as much as you can do, don’t donate so much that you get financial problems. Help other community members, and try to spread as much Fandom Positivity as possible. Don’t try to attract attention with strange and intrusive comments. Believe me, you will achieve more with positivity than with strange intrusive comments. Always be yourself and stay positive, then you will eventually get the recognition for your support.

Accept the decisions of the content creator about the content. It does not help to challenge the decisions with hate comments. If you see that someone writes hate comments, get up and stand against it. Inform the content creator about it, and if necessary report the user. Constructive criticism is okay, as long as it is not offensive or hateful. Always be respectful in discussions.

Another important thing is, never publish and share your personal data! You never know what kind of person you are dealing with, always stay safe on the internet.  

There are many ways to support your favorite content creator, be creative. But most importantly, do not spread hate just because you’re jealous, disappointed, or something else. Be supportive, helpful, and above all things, always be positive. 

Spread as much positivity as possible!

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