Catrix Domination World Review

NFTs are taking over the internet day by day. New artists from around the world are rising and getting their art out there. Today we are going to chat all about an artist inspired by the emotions of animals. This artist is called Alexander Trix and their NFT collection is known as Catrix Domination World!

Catrix Domination World is a collection of realistic art of dogs and cats. Each piece is unique and displays a different kind of emotion. Dog and cat lovers will be thrilled to look at this collection. Not only is the art adorable but you get to look through a catalog of NFTs with many different breeds of cats and dogs. This is perfect for any collector looking to add more furry friends to their gallery!

Since Alexander Trix is an animal lover you can expect to see realistic NFTs of your favorite animal! For example check out Sweet dog in Rainbow World. This NFT has an adorable rainbow dog. The texture of this piece truly makes it feel like a digital painting. 

Be sure to support this adorable and fun collection today on OpenSea. Not only will you be in a treat for some cute animals but you will be helping the artist as well. Follow Alexander Trix on Twitter to stay updated on their NFT journey. 

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