BitChips Review

Hello Foodies and lovers of The Blockchain!! We have an amazing N.F.T. [non fungible token] that you MUST check out!! This N.F.T. is *coined*, “BitChips!” and is available on The Open Sea under the moniker: Kreatively-Kontent. Not only is the design perfect for potato chip fans, but the creator has an amazing 3D art style which any collector will covet. Now let’s chat on what BitChips! and BitBars! [protein bars which fall in alignment with the Keto Diet] plan on doing………………

The creator’s intention is to bring BitChips! and BitBars! into convenience stores and gas stations where cryptocurrency machines are ALREADY in place. Kreatively-Kontent is a Chicago native, and she noted that there are cryptocurrency machines in the vast majority of gas stations in The Windy City [in fact, it’s uncharacteristic NOT to see a cryptocurrency machine in a gas station in Chicago]- these machines are in addition to classic ATM machines which are already still there

Picture This:

You’re at a gas station in Chicago, you pop in for some fuel and your favorite to-go snack. You see a big, gold bag of kettle chips in the shape of Bitcoins; you walk over, smile, and realize they taste just as good as they look [gluten-free of course and cheddar in variety]. You go to the cashier, pay, and then while you’re in the gas station, blockchain enters your brain- you look over and see a cryptocurrency machine already IN the gas station, and it reminds you to buy some or burn some!!!

Future Plans:

The intention is to be able to purchase BitChips! and BitBars! USING cryptocurrency as time progresses making this modality of exchange more socially acceptable. This is a Clarion Call for both Angel Investors + Venture Capitalists!!*

BitChips! and BitBars! possess a unique design. The 3D Art makes their imagery more life-like [and edible]. Not only does the line work help bring out the product, but the background has a gradual blending from one color to the next making them eye-catching and enjoyable to look at; they’re fun!!! The design of BitChips! brings back the feeling of grabbing your favorite to-go snack after a long hard day at school or work and just sitting back and relaxing. Make sure to note their unique shape of cryptocurrencies

Check out Kreatively-Kontent via Open Sea———– Seas the Day + Sail Away……!

BitChips!———————- Blockchain on the brain!!

BitBars!!……………………………. bit by bit [can you handle it?!]

BitChips- another variety [kettle].

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