BBKyle is a Streamer You Should Be Watching! Here’s Why!

We recently came across an amazing streamer you should totally add to your favorites! His name is BBKyle! If you love gaming streamers with a fun and exciting personality you will love jumping into his streams. Not only do they have an amazing and supportive community but you can also join in and play games too! 

We were able to interview them all about their amazing content and work. Be sure to continue reading to learn more about BBKyle.

1. What inspired you to start making content?

It had been likely over a decade since I had owned a videogame system and I happened to purchase a console just before the pandemic began.

Even though I’m an extremely social person, I thought getting a gaming system would be a good excuse to spend more time at home and the fact that I gotten one just before COVID-restrictions and social distancing began, it ended up being a mental health life saver by helping me to still feel connected to my friends while being unable to physically see them. Shortly into the pandemic, I had discovered the ability to broadcast directly to Twitch with the click of a button on PlayStation, whereas, before then, I don’t think I had even heard of Twitch.

I decided to check it out and watch some other small streamers and I really enjoyed the way it felt like I was hanging out with the streamer without the obligatory pressure of fully participating, for example, watching/listening to a stream in the background while I would be doing dishes. In addition, seeing small streamers working with and collaborating with each other, helping each other grow, really inspired me with the positivity and support in the streaming community.

Having been streaming for just over a year now, upgrading my PC and building an intimate, engaging community, I’m extremely excited to see where this experience continues to take me.

2. What can people expect when they see your streams?

When people hop on to one of my live streams, they can expect to see a rotating cast of characters with a lot of personality joining me for a variety of games.

I’m a chaotic neutral, fun-loving, charismatic, far-left, gender non-conforming, queer, gay, male that is slightly non-binary and highly opinionated.

Though you’ll often see me playing horror games like Dead By Daylight, I’m mostly streaming for the sake of socializing with my viewers who can expect playful, candid and honest conversation with a streamer who genuinely cares about making his viewers feel welcome.

Even though I love when people share a controversial or unpopular opinion, discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. My channel is a safe space for the queer community, especially those with a good sense of humor.

On the weekends, I host community Jackbox Party Pack streams that allow viewers to join in and play a variety of games directly along with me. It’s my favorite way to personally connect with my viewers in a way that really feels like we’re a group of friends sitting in a room hanging out together. For these community Jackbox streams, I typically have 2-3 of my IRL and/or streamer friends join on-cam to help me co-host the program, adding a little extra fun and a more social dynamic to the viewing experience.

3. What is the best thing about making content?

For me, there are three main “best things” that come to mind when I think about making content.

First, it’s just fun. I honestly recommend it for everybody! Even if you think you’re bad at it. Using your creative mind and making something is so satisfying. I love that I get to be in complete control of an idea from start to finish, and that I’m able to share it with a mostly supportive community. Though it’s difficult running everything by myself, there’s something special about being able to show my entire heart, mind and soul that I’ve put into a project.

Second, the friends. 100%. I’m honestly quite surprised by the amount friends that I’ve made through streaming. I’ve never been around so many people this supportive of each other’s creative endeavors. The warmth and friendship that I experience from behind a computer screen and camera lens have made navigating through the socially distant aspect of the pandemic a very positive experience as opposed to lonely and depressing. 

Lastly, my family and the friends I’ve made before I began streaming that have supported me in various ways all the way down to simply liking a video I made on TikTok or sharing a flyer I posted on Instagram. They’re small but incredibly sweet gestures that make me feel seen and cared for. I especially love when they’re eager to be a guest on one of my streams. Sharing my IRL friends with my viewers is a really special experience and I think it gives them a little more insight as to who I am as a person and how I came to be.

All I’ve ever wanted in life is to make those around me forget their troubles, laugh and feel happy. Creating content has allowed me to find outlets to do that and discovering live-streaming has brought some of that same joy and happiness right back to me.

4. Where can people support you?

People can support me by following me at www.twitch.tv/BBKyle and watching one of my livestreams!

They can also find all of my socials at www.BBKyle.com and view various other projects I’m working on such as music creation, merch design, hilarious clips and more. There, they can also join my Discord channel where I spend much of my time hanging out with and chatting daily with my community!

Want an idea on what you can expect to see during streams be sure to check out his channel trailer HERE

You can also support his creative journey on TikTok as well! Here are some amazing clips:

Jackbox, Gracious winner

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1’s Jade Sotomayor responds to Drag Race sister, Naysha Lopez, throwing shade on Hey Qween!

Just Chatting, That time I was cast on a reality show

We recommend YOU to check out BBKyle. Their content is not only entertaining, it is also comforting. Streamers as well should reach out to do collaborations with BBKyle. Support BBKyle today!

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