Amazing Indie Game Feature: Blasty Ball Shooting Space

Are you ready to be the best? All Ages of Geek has a mobile app game for you called Blasty Ball – Shooting Space. This app is not just a “shoot the blocks” type of game. It’s simplistic and easy, but a game where a Blasty Ball can prove to your friends why you can be the best.

Need the game’s blurb to convince you?

“It’s time to engage the virus enemy – Blasty Ball – Shooting Space NOW! Blasty Ball – Shooting Space is the game where you blast the number blocks. It is an awesome game to kill balls in time with selective numbers of shooting. Blasty Ball – Shooting Space Game is superb for all ages.”

As an all ages game kids will love Blasty Ball – Shooting Space. Taking place in space this little spaceship character will blast away balls in a very simple background environment easy for the eyes. The targets are also numbered making this a game great for math and counting, but also fun and engaging. The colors will almost pop out of the screen, which will make it very fun for kids to play with friends. Parents will love the simple swipe controls which also helps kids learn how to use a phone.

Need a game for all ages to enjoy? Need something super simple and fun? Then download Blasty Ball – Shooting Space today and blast away that frustration of finding a perfect all ages game on the App Store and Google Play.

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