About The Valahar Chronicles Characters!

Valahar Chronicles is a homebrewed Dungons and Dragons campaign made and DM’ed by Lava the Talespinner, featuring a cast of characters piloted by members of the AAOG community, including the founders Kat and Tat. While each character has their own motivations, all of them must unite in order to combat the spreading darkness that threatens to take over the continent of Zoderia, and perhaps all of Valahar.


The DM Lava, otherwise known as Lars van Breems, is the DM for All Ages of Geek’s Valahar Chronicles. He is also one of the resident Dungeon Masters for the All Ages of Geek Discord server and Dice Sesh.


A dragonborn warrior who’s left home in defiance of his clan and family. Has recently started traveling with the tabaxi known as Jackdaw and the mysterious drow, Zaya. Played by Felix


An enthusiastic tabaxi who’s getting back on her feet after a job went wrong and left her stranded on the coastline. Has decided to travel with Rotor and Zaya for the time being. Played by Tracy


A mysterious drow who narrowly escaped death after an attempted heist went wrong in her home city. Now in possession of an ornamental bone dagger, she hears a voice in her head that seeks something in exchange for having saved her. Currently traveling with Rotor and Jackdaw as her guides to the surface. Played by Tat


A sassy tiefling with a curse hampering her druidic abilities. Hoping to save her mentor from a deadly illness, she’s set off in search of a cure alongside her warrior companion Kendrick. Played by Kat


A put-upon swordsman who’s been tasked with aiding Yaroslava in her quest to save her mentor. Having gained local fame for his abilities, he traveled the world for a time before returning to the Hemlock Groves after something happened to his adventuring party. Played by Matt

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