The Goon – Comic Book Review

Albatross Exploding Funny Books comes together with a comic book that is daring and fun with dark themes of the supernatural and jabs of comedy. Eric Powell writes The Goon, a story filled with adventure, danger, and wit as Goon tries to navigate through a life of unrelenting crooks and monsters. 

Eric Powell has the famous tough guy Goon and his pal Franky return to Lonely Street upon “The Town with No Name.” When the two return home all the villains from the past take aim at their lifelong adversaries. Villains from all over the spectrum of bad apples including local gangs, Vampires, Zombies, and an ancient Mummy all seek to end Goon forever.   

Even in the face of danger Eric manages to place slapstick comedy into the mix. The comedy of exploding pigs, dirty jokes, and fluffy kittens offer a fun time to the elements of horror, mystery, suspense, and action.     

Eric’s artwork reflects quick handed pencilling, which creates a refined sketch as the background with hints of charcoal and ink. The style reflects the theme or presence of time around the 1920s where the streets talk with bruised knuckles and smoking guns. The environment can switch to heavy to light ink forming a watercolor like fade during the moments of action or dialogue.  

Rachael Cohen is the colorist behind the comic book and the main colors she presents on the page are cool or pale to the viewer, which creates a mood of noir and fear. A narrow selection of pigments following black, grey, and brown are the most popular. Some sections hold a brighter image with blue, red, and yellow. 

Amongst the pages the art and makeup can change entirely and move toward a more firm comic base that has bold outlines for the characters and brighter colors. Each page offers something new to the reader. Therefore, the comic book with the aspects of story and art remain unpredictable and engaging from start to finish. 

 The ongoing comic book series will continue to have Goon and company fight monsters and wise guys through the streets being the people’s champion. Albatross Exploding Funny Books will follow Goon through thick and thin as he takes on the world with a jaw made of iron and fists meant to break bullies.

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