The Geek Jam Surgery | Casey Lee Williams, Drake Bell Stans and Listening to Everything

The Geek Jam Surgery

In this episode, Paul, Sterling and Bruce are joined by vocalist Casey Lee Williams for a lengthy chat about all things music. From childhood Dream Theatre and Drake Bell gigs to writing credits for RWBY Volume 7. Casey and the lads get into what it was like growing up in a musical family and having your personal musical development documented in annual record releases. Diving into some of the amazing tunes from the RWBY soundtracks, they discuss the unusual melodies and interesting key changes that make these soundtracks such a standout aspect of the RWBY universe.

About Casey Lee Williams

Casey Lee Williams is the primary vocalist for the RWBY soundtrack and also does the vocals for Weiss Schnee’s singing in both the “White” Trailer and “Tipping Point”.

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