We Interviewed Voice Actor Robert Jackson!

Robert Jackson Voice Actor Interview on All Ages of Geek

Hi! My name is Robert Jackson. I’m a voice actor based in Los Angeles. I’m happy to answer any questions pertaining to voice over. Let’s get started! 1. What inspired you to become a voice actor? It was something I’ve always had a fascination for since I was 5. Being surrounded with VHS tapes and […]

“Mushroom Rain” Interview with Jamie Green

All Ages of Geek Mushroom Rain

Have you ever wondered what it takes to dive deep into the world of illustrations, shape-shifting your emotions into art, and navigating the evolving demands of creativity? Today, we have a treat. We’ll uncover the journey of an artist who, trust me, is a visual maestro. From anime-inspired beginnings to mushroom rain dances – this […]

An Exclusive Wattpad Interview with Sondi Warner, Author of ‘Lead Me Astray’

All Ages of Geek Lead Me Astray Wattpad

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sondi Warner all about “Lead Me Astray” 1. Tell us about “Lead Me Astray” After her death, Aurie Edison awakens in Overlay City, a shadowy world of supernaturals hidden within the ley lines of New Orleans. There, she meets a non-binary Empath named Mys who agrees to help […]

“Dear Rosie” Interview with Meghan Boehman and Rachael Briner

All Ages of Geek Dear Rosie

Hey there, fellow geeks and comic aficionados, Ryder here! Now, if you’ve been anywhere near the world of graphic novels recently, you’ve likely heard the buzz about “Dear Rosie”. Navigate real, heavy emotions with this graphic novel because it’s also based on a true story. I was lucky enough to snag a chat with its […]

Of Sense and Soul, a Queer Victorian Romance Interview

All Ages of Geek Of Sense and Soul

We had the pleasure of chatting with Forsythia Productions the creator of “Of Sense and Soul” a queer victorian romance visual novel. What is the central theme or concept of your visual novel? Of Sense and Soul is very much founded on the notion that personal growth and deepening connections, whether romantic or platonic, go […]

Interview with Voice Actor Brian Vaughn

All Ages of Geek Voice Actor Brian Vaughn

We had the pleasure of chatting with Voice Actor Brian Vaughn! 1.What inspired you to become a voice actor? “When I was a kid, I mostly wanted to be a part of the same people who did the whacky voices for cartoons like Ed, Edd and Eddy. I loved to laugh and loved to make […]

Interview with Zaanart, creator of WEBTOON Original Rooftops & Roommates

We had the pleasure of chatting with Zaanart all about Rooftops & Roommates Can you tell us about the moment when the concept for “Rooftops & Roommates” first popped into your head? In all honesty, I invented this story at the beginning of the pandemic, right as I was graduating from university (and missing convocation). […]

Interview with Arechan, creator of WEBTOON Original Señorita Cometa

We had the pleasure of chatting with Arechan all about Señorita Cometa! I was born and raised in Mexico, and I saw my hometown go from being a peaceful, sleepy city to being torn between two Cartels fighting for the territory. Not only that, but I also saw the horrible increase of gender violence, and […]