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We Interviewed Voice Actor & Singer Kiera Rhodes!

Hi! I’m Kiera Rhodes, a 20 year old professional voice actress based in the UK and I started voice acting at 17 years old.

My demo reel can be found here: Demo Reel

1. What inspired you to become a voice actor?

I started voice acting on a whim, not thinking it would go anywhere. I wish I could point to something or someone and say “hey this awesome person/project is why I started my journey!” but it was literally just a complete shot in the dark for me.

2. Can you describe your process for preparing for a voice acting role?

Typically, I’ll read whatever information I have on the character, listen to any references given or if I’ve voiced the character before, I will listen to my past recordings. I do a couple off the record takes before I start recording, just to practise intonations and get more into character.

3. What has been your biggest challenge as a voice actor and how have you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was probably when I stepped out of my little bubble and made my way into the twitter community. I was hit with massive imposter syndrome, something that is extremely common with people at all levels in this industry. Until then, it was easy sailing, but overcoming that lack of confidence in my ability and uniqueness, was difficult to tackle for sure. Learning what I bring to the table, where my strong points are, has helped me to become more confident in my voice and my worth as a voice actress.

4. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable project you’ve worked on and why it stands out to you?

The most memorable project to me, at least thus far, would have to be my first audiobook narration. I narrated “The Adventures of Clara and Anton: The Dragon Fighter” by Stefan Waidelich in my first year of voice acting. Making that step into audiobooks was huge for me, and I think that’s when it kind of all clicked into place!

5. How do you handle the pressure of performing in front of a microphone?

Most of the work I do is self-directed, which I am far more comfortable with. So most of the time, there’s no pressure. Live directed recordings always feel so uncomfortable for me still, as I haven’t had much experience with it. I’m generally a shy and socially awkward person, and it shows the most in live sessions! What I do have on my side though, is past experience as a musician and singer. I’ve had a lot of stage experience and once I get into the swing of things, I’m very much in my element!

6. Can you share any advice for aspiring voice actors just starting out in the industry?

You don’t need to have the best equipment or have a demo reel to start as a voice actor. I started with a logitech headset mic with a sock shoved on the end of it, and now I’m narrating audiobooks on audible and getting cast in amazing animated web series’ like New Perspective Change by Ceejay Jobelle (@CeeJaySonYT on twitter). I had no experience in any form of acting, and no real goals, but here I am today with a platform and resume of roles I never could have dreamed of when I started my journey. Keep your chin up, you are enough and you can achieve whatever your heart desires if you put your all into it!

7. Can you tell us about a time when you had to adapt to a new character or voice?

I was a part of a small youtube project back in my early days, doing some fan content for characters like Cerebella from Skull Girls and Shantae. I think learning to mimic their intonations and provide reliable impressions of them was really difficult at the time. I got asked for a lot of changes, I mean A LOT, to make sure the voice was just~ right. But it paid off and the director was very happy with the results!

8. How do you stay motivated and engaged during long recording sessions?

I feel like I personally have a very strong focus when I really get into something. If I start on something I follow it through until the end and so I never tend to have issues staying motivated or engaged… However! Gaining the motivation to start the recording session in the first place is a whole other story haha. Nothing can pry me from the comfort of my bed, but work has to be done, so eventually i’ll sulk out of bed with my blankets and sit down to get it done.

9. Can you tell us about an experience you had while working on a project where you had to improvise or come up with an unexpected solution?

I haven’t yet had any experiences like this. Most of the time my projects are scripted down to a T and if there are any suggestions I have or improvisations it’s just small things, like adding in hedges or tags to my speech, laughs and sighs, the basic stuff.

10. Can you share a funny or interesting story from your time as a voice actor?

My first table read was really funny. Me and a bunch of other introverts trying to read a script in character voice while laughing our socks off and stumbling every other word. It was for The Stray ASMR Roleplay series by Zyeke & Lyle on YouTube. Unfortunately, this project is discontinued for the time being due to funding, but I’ve made some amazing friends being involved with it and I can’t wait for more laughs in our future live sessions!

11. Can you share your favourite voice acting moment or performance?

It’s a cliche answer but I genuinely don’t have a favourite. I’ve loved every second of my experience as a voice actress thus far and it would be absolutely impossible for me to choose.

12. Can you tell us about a voice acting project you turned down and why?

Without sharing details about the specific project, there was one, or actually a couple, recently where I was reached out to by directors after they listened to my demo reel. Essentially, I turned down these projects because they were extremely unorganised and I did not get clear instructions of what was wanted of me. It’s just generally not something I will put up with.

Please, if you are a casting director, know what you’re looking for before contacting voice actors or posting casting calls. It is not our job to ask a million questions to find out what you need. Being clear and detailed with what you need is the most helpful thing you can do for us!

13. How do you keep your voice in good condition for voice acting?

I probably do not look after my voice as much as I should. I know other voice actors use steamers and make sure they drink plenty but I don’t do any of that. I really should. Look after your vocal chords guys! Don’t be like me.

14. Can you tell us about a time when you had to take on a role that was completely different from what you were used to?

Normally I get cast for absolute sweethearts, shy nerdy types, or cute kids that are full of wonder. Recently I was cast as a badmouthing tomboy named Ronnie. She is awesome! I love the experience of playing something so out of my usual range. I’ve always wanted to get cast for more evil and tomboyish characters, and it’s been amazing to have the opportunity to do that.

15. What are your thoughts on All Ages of Geek and what can we improve on to make it a better platform?

I think the platform is great and has a wide variety of content. I wouldn’t really know what to suggest to improve, so just keep on keeping on guys! You’re doing great.

16. Where can people find you online?

Twitter is my main platform, but you can also find me on YouTube where I mainly post gaming and singing content! Twitter [YouTube](

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