Immenz eSports Meets VoxPop Games

Geeks! We have some exciting news from our friends at VoxPop Games! They now have a new Esports Indie Competitive Stream Team! Read more below: Who Is VoxPop Games As you may have read in a previous blog post, VoxPop Games is a Peer to Peer game distribution and development site that strives to strengthen all […]

PlayVS Sets The Bar High in The Esports World Acquiring Start-Up GameSeta

PlayVS has been making a mark in the esports industry by introducing a platform to help young kids interested in becoming athletes. The platform has helped build the amateur esports circuit by creating a varsity sport for various schools across the country. The company made some buzz recently with the acquisition of GameSeta, a Vancouver-based esports startup to […]

How Prince Panther Has Kept Mortal Kombat’s Competitive Scene Alive in 2020

In a year where it was supposed to expand to greater heights than anyone could have imagined, 2020 has instead seen the fighting game community sink to an all-time low. Global cancellations of tournaments, unreliable online netcodes, and a shameful chain of sexual abuse scandals have shaken the community from top to bottom. One of […]