PlayVS Sets The Bar High in The Esports World Acquiring Start-Up GameSeta

PlayVS has been making a mark in the esports industry by introducing a platform to help young kids interested in becoming athletes. The platform has helped build the amateur esports circuit by creating a varsity sport for various schools across the country. The company made some buzz recently with the acquisition of GameSeta, a Vancouver-based esports startup to spread their program to high schools across Canada.

The esports program has already been added to over 19,000 high schools in 50 states, so adding Canada to the mix has been a big step up for them in the world of esports. As the industry continues to grow, PlayVS continues to set the standard in bringing the ever-changing sport into schools and colleges. With this partnership, PlayVS will be able to provide the necessary tools for students in Canada for opportunities to join competitions and game titles through the platform. Through GameSeta, the program will also be partnering up with the BC School Sports, the governing body for school sports across British Colombia. This will be new territory for this part of Canada as interest in adding esports in schools has grown in the region.

Delane Parnell, CEO and founder of PlayVS, shared the news in a press release about the recent acquisition.“We are delighted to welcome GameSeta to the PlayVS family, as our missions and strategies align perfectly,” she said. “This acquisition will allow PlayVS to help further its mission of providing the best competitive community for gaming, especially as it relates to expanding our international footprint thanks to the foundation set by GameSeta. We’re excited to accelerate distribution and adoption of the PlayVS’ infrastructure so that young people can play esports in a structured and safe environment, all while being recognized for their teamwork and achievements.”

“Three years ago Mr. Parnell and his team spearheaded the amateur esports revolution in the US, and we’re proud to now be a part of that journey here in Canada,’ added Tawanda Masawi, GameSeta CEO and Cofounder. “As the world has transitioned to a digital-first landscape, gaming has become a lifeline engaging Canadian students with their schools and peers in a constructive way. Personally, I believe this is the biggest opportunity for Canadian schools to deliver a world-class esports experience for students. We cannot wait to hit the ground running and get to work.”

Thanks to PlayVS, schools will be able to compete in various competitions playing with popular game titles such as League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, and even Madden NFL 21. The company has already became an official partner with many schools in 23 states across the US. The program also offers scholarship opportunities to students looking to enter esports in colleges that already have their own teams. With these Youth Leagues, this season-long organized esports venture has given over $230,000 in scholarships.

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