Beta Tester for Video Games on Fiverr | All Ages of Geek

All Ages of Geek recently released two new Fiverr gigs for game developers and video game creators. On Fiverr game devs from indies to AAA games can discover the Beta Tester Video Game gig and the App Review for App Store and Google Play. More about Beta Tester for Video Games Gig Need a beta […]

Valahar Chronicles: Meet Jackdaw

Hello everyone, I’m CuriousCat-13, also known as Tracy. I’m a writer for All Ages of Geek and play Aslan the Leonin in the Theros campaign for Dice Sesh. I’m proud to announce that I will be playing a new character for Valahar Chronicles. Instead of a strong, brooding leonin that is learning to control his […]

My Three Most Anticipated Games From September 23rd’s Nintendo Direct!!

On September 23rd, at about 3 PM (Pacific Time), Nintendo held a special Nintendo Direct livestream to reveal new and upcoming games. Most of said games definitely caught my eye. However, there are three specific games that quite literally made me cheer for joy (I again apologize to my friends for having to endure that): […]

A Look into Destiny 2’s Upcoming Expansion: The Witch Queen

Greetings fellow guardians, Tracy here with a special news update on Destiny 2. The Witch Queen, Savathun, is on her way in the upcoming expansion and she’s not alone. She’s building an army that consists of a force we couldn’t begin to imagine facing. But before we get to that, let’s look at what Bungie […]

Indie Game Focus: Imagine Earth

LEARN MORE HERE Greetings Gamers! Tracy Preston of All Ages of Geek here with a special Indie Game shoutout. Are you looking for a new game that’ll launch you somewhere across the galaxy? Are you looking for a new kind of civilization-building game? Well, do I have the game for you. Imagine Earth is a […]

All Ages of Geek is NOW on Fiverr

Beloved geek-culture website, All Ages of Geek, continues to expand with the launch of their Fiverr account.  Customers at All Ages of Geek’s Fiverr can expect to see offers such as article distribution, video editing, press releases, voice overs and much more. All Ages of Geek’s website features daily articles, from breaking nerdy news to […]

E3 Gaming Announcement: Guardians of the Galaxy

With the yearly E3 gaming conference comes new games for various gamers to look forward to. This year was no different. During the Square Enix section a few new games were announced, one of which being Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. What can we expect from this game that stars the galaxy’s small group of […]

Geek Freaks Interviews All Ages of Geek!

All Ages of Geek Geek Freaks

All Ages of Geek’s Web Developer Richard Uy was recently interviewed by Geek Freaks! Geek Freaks is a pop-culture podcast with multiple shows covering games, comics, movies, and tv. On this episode they break down what it’s like to run a busy site with many contributors. You can learn more about Geek Freaks HERE! Be […]

We Interviewed Ali Raza Malik Our Digital Marketer!

All Ages of Geek Ali Raza

We interviewed our digital marketer all about what he does with All Ages of Geek! What is your job at All Ages of Geek?  I am a digital marketer and my job is to plan and overlook all the marketing strategies that take place online and to make sure that every marketing campaign is run […]

Ten Favorite Monsters from Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter, a franchise that began in 2004 and has continued to come up with new games, with new monsters, to this day. While not every monster has left a lasting impression on every fan, there are a number that either find their way back in future titles or wait for their time to come. […]