Standing Spots Review

Looking for a new NFT project to support? Look no further. Standing Spots is a collection of photographs. But what is this collection all about?

The designs are truly incredible. With a faded picture that has high contrast it creates an illusion that these photographs are vintage. Almost film like. Fans of photographers like Ansel Adams will also appreciate this NFT collection. The great part is collectors can purchase more than one since there is a total of seven NFTs.

Over on their Opensea collectors can view each photo. Each NFT tells its own story located at a different spot on the world map. This collection is very unique and incredible. New and experienced collectors will benefit from this collection.

If you are interested in checking this collection out be sure to check out the links below. There you will be able to view the designs and perhaps find your next NFT. Support them today. You will not regret it!

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