Silend: An App Helping Your Community

Looking for a new way to give back to those in need in a simple and easy app? Look no further
Silend has you covered. This app gives you the ability to see people of your community who
may need help financially, and allows you to give back. But how does it work?

“Silend is geo-based, so donors and receivers are shown within a one mile radius of their
physical location. Funds are only available for basic needs, including food, clothing, and shelter.
A maximum of $100 may be received at a time. There are no interest rates or loans, so
everyone can give or get with peace of mind. All we ask is that when you are able you Pay it
Forward! Give Without Reason Or Expectation When we give anonymously to those in need, we offer true selflessness. Together, our small acts of selflessness, kindness and generosity can make a large impact on our local communities. Share what you can spare and show your support with Silend.”

The power of this app is it brings the community together. If you are struggling and do not know
where to go Silend allows you to anonymously ask for help from your community. This app truly
brings everyone together. The great part is it is available for both IPhone and Androids.

Alongside all of their amazing features the design of this app is incredible. It is extremely user
friendly, easy to set up, and accessible to everyone. Over on their website it goes into extreme
details on what users can expect. We recommend checking this app out if you are looking back
to give to your community or need help anonymously. All you have to do is search up Silend and
download it on your phone!

If you are interested in learning more about who they are and what they provide be sure to
check out their website. Over there you will find links to the App Store and Google Play, their
social media accounts, and even more about who they are and what they stand for. Check out
Silend today, learn more about who they are, and give back to your community. You will not
regret it!

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