Noble.Xin Demon Slayer Collection

All Ages of Geek Demon Slayer

Noble.Xin has been making an imprint on the anime world with their amazing designs. Fashionis something that is incredibly important for individuals who love to express who they are andwhat they like through their wardrobe. Otakus around the world can go over to Noble.Xin to find amazing anime fashion and represent their favorite series. Demon […]

Silend: An App Helping Your Community

Looking for a new way to give back to those in need in a simple and easy app? Look no furtherSilend has you covered. This app gives you the ability to see people of your community whomay need help financially, and allows you to give back. But how does it work? “Silend is geo-based, so […]

We Interviewed Moirai Myths

We Interviewed Moirai Myths all about their work! 1. What inspires your work? We’re big fans of mythology, so there was no doubt in our minds that our games would be driven by a desire to highlight these ancient stories. Myths and folklore are an endless well of creative potential and world-building opportunities, and there […]

Indie Game Feature: Lil Gator Game

We had the pleasure of interviewing the creators behind Lil Gator Game! 1. What inspires your work? Rural Kentucky and the Legend of Zelda Series 2. Tell us about your game? What can fans expect? lil gator game is a colorful, open world game about being a kid. expect a few friends, a few laughs, […]