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RWBY’s Top 10 Cutest Moments: Because Even Huntresses Need A “D’aww”

RWBY you give us epic battles, heart-wrenching character arcs, and enough lore to make a Tolkien fanboy feel right at home. But in between the grim and the Grimm, there are some genuinely adorable moments that just make us say, “D’aww.” So, let’s put down our Crescent Roses and Myrtenasters for a moment and dive into the top 10 cutest moments in RWBY. Spoilers ahead, so tread lightly.

10. Ruby and Weiss’ Awkward Encounter

This was back when Ruby and Weiss were still trying to figure out how to tolerate each other, let alone be friends. Ruby, ever the awkward teenager, tries to make nice with Weiss, who’s trying to be studious. The whole thing is a mess, but a cute mess. It’s like watching two puppies try to figure out how to play nice.

9. Jaune’s Serenade to Weiss

Jaune Arc, you magnificent, tone-deaf hero. There’s something strangely adorable about his awful serenade to Weiss in Volume 2. You know, the one where guitar in hand, and a voice that makes stray dogs howl. It’s the thought that counts, and the sheer disaster of it makes it all the more endearing.

8. Blake and Zwei’s First Interaction

Remember the time when Blake Belladonna, a Faunus with a generally serious disposition, gets her guard melted by Zwei, the corgi? Yeah that one. Adorable all over.

7. The First Sleepover

This goes back to Volume 1, where team RWBY had their first sleepover and pillow fight. It was a lighter time back then, filled with hope and idealism. The innocence of their early friendship shines through this simple but adorable interaction.

6. Penny’s Return in Volume 7

Penny Polendina’s death was tragic, but her return in Volume 7 was anything but. Her reunion with Ruby was filled with a genuine joy that’s often rare in the darker tones of RWBY. When she flies in and exclaims, “Salutations!”, you can’t help but smile.

5. Nora’s Pancake Love Affair

Nora Valkyrie and pancakes—a love story better than Twilight. There’s something so pure about her love for pancakes, especially in the early volumes. You almost want to start a petition to make sure she gets a lifetime supply.

4. Ruby Meets Oscar

Ah, the socially awkward meet-cute between Ruby and Oscar. Both are characters with heavy responsibilities on their shoulders, and to see them be all shy and awkward is a welcome respite from the looming darkness. Plus, the “You have a farm?” line is priceless.

3. Qrow and Ruby’s Uncle-Niece Moments

Let’s be real, Uncle Qrow is basically everyone’s favorite drunkle (drunk + uncle). The moments between him and Ruby, like his storytelling or when he offers her life advice, are cute in a rugged, Qrow kind of way.

2. Weiss and Ruby’s Bonding

In a show that loves to dabble in the tragic, the genuine friendship between Weiss and Ruby is a beacon of light. Whether it’s their talks or their comforting embraces, it’s the kind of friendship we all aspire to have.

1. The Chibi RWBY Series

Let’s face it, the entire Chibi RWBY series is a cuteness overload. If you need a quick dose of “aww” after the heartbreak that the main series often delivers, Chibi RWBY is your go-to.

Even in a world as harsh and unforgiving as Remnant, there’s always room for some cuteness to shine through. These moments remind us that even in the darkest of times, a little bit of light can go a long way.

So, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the RWBY fandom, take a moment to appreciate the cuter things in life. And if you want to geek out some more, consider supporting All Ages of Geek on Patreon for more exclusive content. Because let’s be honest, the only thing better than a cute RWBY moment is watching it with fellow fans who get it.

Now, go hug a plushie of your favorite RWBY character or something.

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