RWBY’s Top 10 Cutest Moments: Because Even Huntresses Need A “D’aww”

All Ages of Geek RWBY

RWBY you give us epic battles, heart-wrenching character arcs, and enough lore to make a Tolkien fanboy feel right at home. But in between the grim and the Grimm, there are some genuinely adorable moments that just make us say, “D’aww.” So, let’s put down our Crescent Roses and Myrtenasters for a moment and dive […]

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Our pals over at The Donovan’s Venom are hosting a fundraiser that’s an absolute blast, and you won’t want to miss out on being a part of it! DONATE HERE So, what’s on their radar? Well, they’ve got some seriously cool stuff going on: Now, here’s where you come in. The Donovan’s Venom needs your […]