Geek Talk: RWBY Shipping – The Best (and Worst) Pairings, According to Fans

One of the most popular aspects of RWBY is its diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and relationships. It’s no surprise that fans have been shipping different pairings since the show’s inception. Some pairings are more popular than others, while some are downright cringe-worthy. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 RWBY pairings as voted by the fans, as well as the worst.

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Top 10 RWBY Pairings:

Bumblebee (Yang x Blake)

One of the most popular RWBY pairings, Bumblebee has been teased by the show’s creators, and fans have been eagerly waiting for it to become canon. Yang and Blake have a strong bond and their relationship has been explored throughout the show.

White Rose (Ruby x Weiss)

Another popular pairing, White Rose has a dedicated fanbase that loves the idea of Ruby and Weiss getting together. Their dynamic as teammates and friends has made fans wonder what could happen if their relationship was taken to the next level.

Black Sun (Sun x Blake)

Sun and Blake have a fun and playful dynamic that fans have picked up on, leading to the creation of Black Sun. Although Blake’s relationship with Yang has overshadowed this pairing, fans still enjoy shipping Sun and Blake.

Renora (Ren x Nora)

One of the most wholesome pairings in RWBY, Ren and Nora have been together since they were children. Fans have loved watching their relationship grow and develop over the course of the show. And despite what’s happened in Volume 8 RenNora lives on!

Freezerburn (Weiss x Yang)

Freezerburn is a popular pairing that has gained a lot of traction in the fandom. Weiss and Yang’s personalities and fighting styles complement each other well, leading to some exciting fanfiction and fan art.

Rose Garden (Ruby x Oscar)

Rose Garden is a newer pairing, but it has already gained a lot of popularity in the fandom. Fans enjoy the dynamic between Ruby and Oscar, and are excited to see where their relationship will go in future seasons.

Ladybug (Ruby x Blake)

Ladybug is a pairing that has been around since the early days of RWBY. Although it’s not as popular as Bumblebee or White Rose, it still has a dedicated fanbase that loves the AU idea of Ruby and Blake getting together. But Bumblebee for the win!

Arkos (Jaune x Pyrrha)

Arkos was once one of the most popular RWBY pairings, but after the events of Volume 3, it has lost some of its appeal. However, fans still love the dynamic between Jaune and Pyrrha, and many hope that Jaune will find love again. Unless…

Lancaster (Ruby x Jaune)

Lancaster is a pairing that has been around since the beginning of the show. Fans love the dynamic between Ruby and Jaune, and many believe that they would make a great couple.

Emberald (Emerald x Cinder)

Emberald is a more controversial pairing, as it involves two villains. However, fans have picked up on the chemistry between Emerald and Cinder.

Worst RWBY Pairings:

Jaune x Cinder

Although some fans enjoy shipping Jaune and Cinder, this pairing is generally disliked by the majority of the fandom. Cinder is a villain who has caused a lot of pain and suffering, and many fans believe that Jaune deserves better.

Ruby x Adam

How?! Why?! Please like how did this even happen? Adam x anyone is a bad idea, but Ruby? Who did this?! This pairing is controversial due to the abusive nature of Adam’s relationship with Blake. It’s just wrong.

Jaune x Weiss

Although Weiss and Jaune have had some cute moments together, many fans find this pairing to be too forced. They don’t have the same chemistry as other pairings on the show, and their relationship has not been developed enough to make them a viable couple.

Blake x Adam

Again no, this is toxic and honestly should stay on the Worst Ship List because this is a support on abuse. While some fans enjoy shipping Blake and Adam, many see and know that their relationship was toxic and abusive. Adam was a villain who caused so many issues, and his actions toward Blake were a major reason for his downfall.

Yang x Adam

Like Blake x Adam, Yang x Adam is a controversial pairing due to the abusive nature of Adam’s relationship with Blake. How are people shipping Adam with anyone is my question? Many fans do not like the idea of Yang being with someone who caused so much pain to one of her closest friends and gave her major PTSD.

Nora x Jaune

While Ren and Nora make a great pair, many fans do not like the idea of Nora being with Jaune. They do not have the same chemistry as Ren and Nora, and their personalities do not complement each other as well.

Qrow x Ruby

While Qrow and Ruby have a great uncle-niece relationship, many fans find the idea of them being in a romantic relationship to be uncomfortable. Qrow is a much older character than Ruby, and their relationship is better suited as a familial one. They are family after all!

Sun x Blake x Yang

This pairing, known as Sunny Bees, is controversial due to the fact that the creators have hinted at Yang and Blake being in a relationship since Volume 3. Many fans believe that polyamorous relationships should not be added into an existing ship just to please a certain part of the fanbase for being hurt over Blake x Sun not being canon.

Ruby x Roman

Oh boy, how? Although Roman Torchwick was a popular character, the idea of him being in a romantic relationship with Ruby is unsettling to many fans. He was a villain who caused a lot of problems for the main characters, and his actions are not something that Ruby would overlook. Plus it’s just weird.

Weiss x Neptune

While Weiss and Neptune had some cute moments together, their relationship was not developed enough to make them a viable couple. Many fans feel that they were better as just friends.

In conclusion, RWBY has a passionate and dedicated fanbase that loves to ship their favorite characters. While some pairings are more popular than others, there is a wide variety of different relationships that fans have come up with. Some are heartwarming and wholesome, while others are more controversial and polarizing. At the end of the day, it’s fun to ship characters but please ship responsibly.

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