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Procreate Dreams: A Must-Have for Animation Geeks!

Procreate has just launched Procreate Dreams, a game-changing 2D animation app for iPad! Available globally on the App Store from November 22nd for just $19.99, this one-time purchase is a breath of fresh air in the world of subscription-based apps.

What’s hot? The touch-based tools are revolutionary! This app lets you auto-add keyframes with live gestures, changing animation forever. Plus, the Multi-touch Timeline offers a blend of drawing, animation, editing, and more, even faster than traditional methods.

Fan of traditional animation? The Flipbook tool is a nostalgic nod, perfect for short GIFs and intricate animations.

Procreate Dreams supports all the brushes from the original app, optimized for the Apple Pencil. Bigger canvases, more layers, and a special file format for iCloud are the cherries on top, allowing massive 1TB files to load in a snap!

With no monthly subscriptions and a dedicated fanbase, Procreate Dreams is poised to dazzle us once more!

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