Procreate Dreams: A Must-Have for Animation Geeks!

All Ages of Geek Procreate Dreams

Procreate has just launched Procreate Dreams, a game-changing 2D animation app for iPad! Available globally on the App Store from November 22nd for just $19.99, this one-time purchase is a breath of fresh air in the world of subscription-based apps. What’s hot? The touch-based tools are revolutionary! This app lets you auto-add keyframes with live […]

We Interviewed Voice Actor Shakyra Dunn!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Shakyra Dunn all about their creative journey! You can also hear Shakyra as Kay in our original project ‘I Married a Monster on a Hill‘! 1. What inspired you to become a voice actor? I grew up playing a lot of the video game  Kingdom Hearts, and in […]

Top 30 Iconic Moments from ’90s Cartoon Network Shows That Shaped Our Millennial Souls

All Ages of Geek 90s shows

Hey Millennials, grab your Dunkaroos and Surge sodas; we’re going back in time. And hey there, Gen Z, welcome to the analog playground that was ’90s Cartoon Network. Sit tight, because I’m about to introduce you to the moments that made us say “Cowabunga, dude!”—or some ’90s equivalent. 1. The Debut of “Powerpuff Girls” (1998) […]