Image showing various Pokémon-themed summer items on a beach background. Items include a plate with Ditto and a boombox, a cooler bag with Pikachu, a pink and blue cap with Pikachu surfing, a purple towel with Pikachu, inflatable pool floats of Lapras and Magikarp, and a pink Slowpoke float. The All Ages of Geek logo is in the bottom right corner.

Pokémon Lazy Summer Collection: Fun in the Sun!

Hey Trainers! Get ready to chill with the new Pokémon Lazy Summer collection from the Pokémon Center. This collection is perfect for relaxing by the water with fun, beachy vibes. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

What’s New?

  • Beach Essentials: Plates, cups, and postcards featuring surfing Pikachu & more!
  • Lounge Gear: Folding chairs, cooler bags, and picnic blankets with adorable designs.
  • Apparel: T-shirts, crop tops, hats, and hoodies for summer style.
  • Pool Fun: Beach balls and pool floats with your favs!

Special Highlights

  • Artwork by James Turner: Known for his “feel-good” vibes, Turner’s designs feature tropical colors and relaxing Pokémon scenes.

Enjoy the laid-back style of Pokémon Lazy Summer, and make some new memories in the sun!

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