Patron Day Chat Is it an Orange or Tangerine?! | Instant Geek Podcast Episode

Instant Geek Podcast

Listen to the Patron Day Chat & chat with the AAOG gang all about anime and more! On this episode here all about the orange vs tangerine debate! To join this madness be sure to check out our Patreon! This recording was done on June 4th 2020!

About Patron Day

This event is open for Junior, Senior and Head Master List Tiers. Patron Day is a whole night dedicated to gaming, binge-watching anime and live action shows, and important discussions. Patron Day is 5 HOUR LIVE EVENT!

Music By Randy Pringle

About Instant Geek Podcast

The Instant Geek Podcast is a recording from Patron Day. You get to experience the fun all of our Patrons have during this event!

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