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Once & Future – Comic Book Review

A new tale of supernatural medieval horror takes shape in Boom! Studios newest title Once & Future. Witness a world filled with magic and monsters as a group of unlikely heroes comes together to take on the forces of mythical evil. 

The ongoing series written by Kieron Gillen creates a story that revolves around legendary folklore throughout history. A pivotal point is the rise of King Arthur and his unholy dread knights of the round table. 

Bridgette Mcguire, a former supernatural hunter, recruits the likes of her grandson Duncan Mcguire, a pushover museum curator. Together the two of them battle the efforts of King Arthur, his evil knights and Duncan’s step brother, and knight of Arthur’s, Galahad

An engaging quest from the very start as our heroes discover ghosts, monsters, and the dead. History comes into play as Duncan and Bridgette discover the mighty sword Excalibur, along with other means to stop Arthur before the siege of Great Britain and eventually the world. 

Alongside Kieron Gillen is co-creator Dan Mora, who is in charge of pencilling. Dan brings forth a playful style of art that blends both cartoon and realism. Every page displays great detail with facial extremities, body structures, and supernatural beings. Dan knows when to have subtle lines to convey the atmosphere and mood then switch it up with intense movement for action and haunting moments. 

Tamra Bonvillain completes the vision of both Kieron and Dan with a powerful arsenal of shades and hues within the color spectrum. The main colors take form in pinks, blue, and green in both background and foreground. The color choice creates a sense of mystery or noir as our heroes go deeper into this hidden society casted away from the real world.

Once & Future is a comic book for people who appreciate historical fiction mixed with genres of horror and supernatural. Boom! Studios shall continue to deliver the iconic moments told throughout the ages with a dark twist as each new issue sheds blood, magic, and power in the name of the King.  

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