Nailbiter – Comic Book Review

The mind can be a very powerful and dangerous place as one unveils their very own capabilities. Image Comics comes forth with a series that dives into the world of the criminally insane with NailBiter. 

Joshua Williamson creates the legend and myth behind the most notorious place on Earth, Buckaroo, Oregon. The small northern town is the breeding ground for the most sinister serial killers of the era. The criminal we follow is Edward Charles Warren who has an appetite for innocent people as he feeds on their fingernails. 

Each comic book dives further into the mystery behind the town as to why so many serial killers emerge from the same place? Investigators send in the best man for the job being Nicholas Finch to find out the origins of the town. Along the way, Finch encounters crazed locals, crooked politics, and copycat killers in the pursuit of justice. 

 Mike Henderson compliments the twisted story with stylized artwork. Henderson delivers sharp bold lines that are straight forward in creating complete images. Characters can switch from key emotions with little gestures of added detail. 

Adam Guzowski splashes color onto the panels creating an atmosphere of dread as cool colors and shadows are heightened. Commonplace is the use of grey, black, and red as the colors express either the violence or the mystery as Finch discovers all of Buckaroo’s secrets.  

The short series expands up to thirty comics as the psychological paths of Edward and Finch collide. Each comic book issue unlocks details about the killers as Finch fights for his life to understand the never-ending source of crime. Nailbiter is for those who are interested in understanding the minds behind the crimes in an unforgiving world of carnage.   

NailBiter makes a comeback with new issues coming this June 2020. In the sequel series called Nailbiter Returns. The story of Edward Charles Warren continues, and there will be blood.    

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