Lowrys Farm and Tamagotchi Team Up for Adorable Accessories!

Exciting news for fashion and Tamagotchi fans! Lowrys Farm, a popular Japanese fashion brand, has partnered with Tamagotchi to create some adorable accessories you won’t want to miss.


The collection includes six vintage character sprite stickers featuring Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, and Oyajitchi, along with Tamagotchi Original and Tamagotchi UFO designs. They come in sets of three and are priced at ¥880, including tax.


There are also three small pouches with charming designs: Lots of Love, Plaid, and Ice Cream Float. These cute pouches are perfect for keeping your essentials organized and are priced at ¥1,650, including tax.

Smartphone Straps

Lastly, there are three Tamagotchi smartphone straps. Each strap features a Tamagotchi rubber insert that you place in your smartphone case, with a chain that connects to the insert. The designs are based on the Lots of Love, Plaid, and Ice Cream Float Tamagotchi Original shells and feature a character! These stylish straps are priced at ¥2,200, including tax.

Preorders are now available on the Lowrys Farm website, with deliveries expected in early June! Don’t miss out on these adorable Tamagotchi accessories! Shout out to Tama Palace an amazing blog for sharing this!

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