Low – Comic Review

A tale of science fiction and humanity as Image Comics brings forth a story from the mind of Rick Remender in Low. The comic explores the vast waters underneath the earth’s surface and the civilizations emerged below the Earth’s oceans to escape the toxic radiation of the sun. Rick writes a story of loss, exploration, and hope in an epic universe. 

During a submarine trip on the outer banks of the great dome city Salus an unforeseen tragedy falls upon Stel Caine and her family. When her husband Johl Caine dies at the hands of pirates her daughters Della and Tajo are taken away by the unrelenting bandits. Stel is left with her son Marik who begins a decade long journey to find her lost children. 

Greg Tocchini is the artist, the comic delivers a wide range of colors that blend and bleed into neighboring panels. The line work itself is very loose as Greg uses open expression in shaping the environment and characters. 

Greg crafts a “pen style” with heavy outline and streaks with detail that maintains the extraordinary atmosphere befitting of the premise. Nothing holds a solid shape but flows as if underwater when the story moves from start to finish. 

The colors switch when signifying the time of day from warm to cool. Everything on the page has a sense of water colors or paint all formed with a firm brush of different pigments.

Some obstacles from the environment may have one solid base or a blend of multiple colors to boost the background or forefront of the action. World building becomes a necessary quality as the issue adds more depth to the devices and lifestyle of the people. Every city district has its own personality.

Low is an ongoing comic series that continuously builds upon itself with the environment and different classes of people. Everything on the page is captivating in keeping the reader’s attention and progression of the story. This comic is for anyone who wishes to be immersed in an evolving imagination and way of life beyond that of humans. 

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