Lem690 Review

Today we are going to chat all about the adorable NFT Lem690. The story behind this NFT is a Lemming delivery truck was breaking down when they were on the shipping and receiving docks and suddenly Lem690 decided to escape the life they had. Lem690 left the claw machine since this was not the life he wanted.

Let’s chat about this NFTs backstory: “With sparkling eyes and spikey hair, “Bluna” is something worth paying for. You will absolutely love this new NFT. Grab the opportunity of having this cute piece of art and hold the future in your hands. Wearing a mask has become the new normal and so is doing our Bluna. He also wants to protect himself from Covid-19. Holding a towel in his hands, this is most adorable and unique NFT which fills your heart with cuteness and love every time you have a look. Cute Bluna is giving the message to protect yourselves and your loved ones in this pandemic by wearing a mask. The unique-colored, lovely Bluna, subtly presenting an important message, takes all your stress away and makes you fall in love with him. Ignite the spark inside yourself with the positivity this NFT is spreading!” 

Now let’s chat design. This orange fuzzy NFT is perfect for any collector who is interested in nostalgic pieces being added to their collection. Similar to old school toys seen in arcade claw machines, Lem690 has a perfect look to bring back the feeling you had as a kid in an arcade. They wear a mask perfect for the time the world is in today. Lem690 has huge eyes almost similar to the classic Furby doll we all knew and loved in the 90’s.

This NFT price is currently at 888. Owned by Staturly, NFT collectors would be lucky to add this to their collection. It not only has a sense of nostalgia but it also has an amazing design that will truly change your gallery.

For those interested in this NFT be sure to check it out on OpenSea to learn more. Not only will you be supporting the artist, but you will also be able to add an amazing piece to your collection. If you would like to show your support in other ways you can share the news on your social media or with your friends! 

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