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All Ages of Geek supports Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society and we want you to learn more about them:

“Rescuing an animal must create good karma – though this is not why we do it. To rescue an animal is to literally save a life – to change their fate or destiny. Saving a friendly animal from a harsh life outside, from a hoarding situation or from having litter after litter because they are not spayed … lives saved. If some good karma comes along with it – bonus!

Zen can be considered a state of mind – particularly one that is calm. When we thought of the rescue process – going from a situation that is probably far from ideal to one of calmness and safety – the state of zen came to mind. That is the goal – to move animals into that calm state so that they can flourish and, in turn, find their forever homes.

Mission + Vision

“The mission of the Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society is to provide a safe and peaceful haven for homeless, abandoned or abused animals. We will help decrease the number of cats and dogs being destroyed in kill shelters through the work of our adoption, trap-neuter-return, and education programs.

The vision of the Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society is a world where every companion animal is respected, fed, warm, happy, and not in danger of being killed because it is temporarily homeless.

Karma Cat + Zen Dog vows to treat all persons with respect and consideration – regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital or family status, disability, age or national origin.

Our Story

Christie & Clarence 2010

Christie with Clarence, a 2010 rescue

In 2010, sisters Christie and Michelle Arlotta formed Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society; an organization that puts a positive light on animal rescue efforts. They knew that they wanted to change the fate of homeless, abandoned, or abused animals, while offering them a safe and peaceful haven during the transition.

Through the help of our leadership and animal care volunteers, board members, donations, and grants, we are able to operate our adoption, trap-neuter-return, and education programs to further our mission. We are a volunteer-run, New Jersey-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with two locations: an adoption center in Milltown and a location within the PetSmart in North Brunswick. Every year, special events, including the annual spring gala Paws for Celebration, are held to celebrate the organization’s accomplishments as well as raise much-needed funds to continue saving precious lives.

We are not a religious organization and we mean no disrespect of any organization that identifies with the concept of karma or the study of zen.”

Volunteer Programs


“We have several volunteer positions:Fosters, Socializers, Cleaners/Feeders, Adoption Counselors, Transport, Foster, Event and Fundraising,TNVR, Crafters, and general office.” Descriptions are attached. HERE:

How do people who are interested in adopting get in contact with you? What are the requirements? 

“Our adoptables are listed on Petfinder. Most folks that don’t know us that wanting to adopt find us there and complete an online application. We have an adoption center in Milltown that, until COVID, was open to the public. There are typically at least 5 cats in the center. we did have a presence at the PetSmart in North Brunswick. We backed out of having cats there with COVID but hold monthly adoption events. Some potential adopters hear about us for Social Media or other sources (we are on Magic 98.3 and have had interviews on Philly NBC channel 10). for them we get an application from our website, an email, or a call to our office. “

Adoption Stories!

Check out these amazing stories:

How to Support?

“We accept donations from food and supplies (Chewy wishlist) to stock. We sell merchandise and hold several events throughout the year.  Ways to support are on our website, https://karmacatzendog.org/support

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