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Indie Game Interview : Folklands

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creators behind the indie game Folklands! Check it out to learn more about this game and the inpsiration behind it!

1.Tell us about your game

Folklands is a relaxing, retro inspired settlement builder highly influenced by the classical settlement builders we played when we were younger. You can build a settlement, transport resources, develop prodcuts and expand the settlement in randomly generated worlds alone or with friends. We like to call it “retro inspired”, which is our way of saying that we are trying to trigger that feeling we got when we first played games like Settlers, Anno and Caesar – we include the parts we love from those games and expand upon those features to bring it all together in our vision. We want the game to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, so our main focus is on providing that – but we know that some players love a little challenge, so we’re of course adding that, too! The game will support mods – letting players add and expand the game, as well as a multiplayer mode to play with your friends and family.

2.What are your goals for your game?

We’re all a bit of settlement and civ-game nerds so ever since we started, the main goal of the game has been to create a game that gives us the same feeling we got from the classic games – which we can play together. The other main goal we have for Folklands is that we really want other players to enjoy it too, so being able to connect with other players who have similar experiences as us, to find new and exciting ways to improve the game and make it better. In the end, we want to make a game that can be played alone or together which is both fun, challenging and / or relaxing!

3.What are some success stories you have as an indie game dev?

We have experienced so much during the development of Folklands, even though we have only released a small demo of what we want the game to be! Using what we learned from our first game – an online multiplayer card game named “Dragon Evo” – we’re already well underway building a community of players that enjoy what we have made so far. We recently completed a play test involving more than 500 players, and this summer we even landed a publishing deal to help us get the game out to as many players as possible. Being three brothers making games we love to play – what more could we want?

4.What is a piece of advice you would give to new game devs?

Make a game *you* want to play. There will be ups and downs no matter how great your game is, and enjoying the game yourself will help you find the motivation to finish the game. Also, connect – with players, other developers, streamers, you name it. Don’t isolate yourself, but try to be a part of the gamer and game development community.

5.Where can people support your work?

You can find us on Twitter/X @FolklandsGame, and Steam: If you love to play or talk about settlement builders and civ games or just wanna talk about the game, please join our Discord server: – and make sure to wishlist our game, that really helps us reach more players!


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