These Top 10 ’90s Nickelodeon Computer Games Will Make You Wish for Y2K Again!

All Ages of Geek 90s Video Games

Hold onto your (virtual) slap bracelets and slap on your thinking caps, ’cause we’re diving into a pixelated paradise of ’90s nostalgia. These computer games weren’t just time-killers; they were doorways into worlds we knew and loved. Prepare to Ctrl+Alt+Del your way down memory lane with the “Top 10 ’90s Nickelodeon Computer Games That Defined […]

Indie Game Interview : Folklands

All Ages of Geek Folklands

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creators behind the indie game Folklands! Check it out to learn more about this game and the inpsiration behind it! 1.Tell us about your game Folklands is a relaxing, retro inspired settlement builder highly influenced by the classical settlement builders we played when we were younger. You […]