Indie Game Focus: Aka by Namra

We interviewed @BarthelemyNamra all about their work as a game dev!

1. How long have you been creating games?

I have started to learn Unity a few years ago, but I would say SHA is my “real” first game made for a game jam in October 2020. After that, I decided to take it more seriously and become a full-time game dev in April 2021.

2.Tell us about Aka? What can supporters expect with this game?

Aka is a top-down single-player game where you help a retired warrior to find inner peace. It’s a small, open-world game where the player can farm, craft, solve NPCs quests and relax. Put aside your problems for a moment and dive into your secret garden! The story will be about 4-5 hours long but you can continue to take care of your island indefinitely.

3.What inspired your work?

My main inspiration is Pompoko. Not only visually; the theme is heavy but it’s also light-hearted (sometimes). In terms of the game, I would say it’s somewhere between “A Short Hike” and “Stardew Valley”.

4. Where can people find your work and support you?

You can support me here since I am running a crowdfunding campaign! Here is Aka’s Steam page… I also have a Twitter @BarthelemyNamra and an page if you want to play my very first games!

5. Plans for 2022?

Finishing Aka 🙂

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