Indie Deep Dive with Gavin and Fonze | Ep 1 Ashe Thurman

Indie Deep Dive with Gavin and Fonze is an in-depth discussion with indie devs, artists, voice actors and others breaking through within the video game industry. Each conversation focuses on the sacrifice and lessons learned from pursuing an artistic vision within games for other devs to hear and learn from, but also for gamers to understand what goes into creating video games.

On Episode One Gavin and Fonze interview voice actress and all-around talent Ashe Thurman who discusses her personal journey with voice acting, writing and more.

About Ashe Thurman

Writer, voice actor, narrative designer, and creative polymath, Ashe Thurman founded Pixels and Pins studio as a digital atelier focused on character-rich storytelling, experimenting with new ways of interacting with fiction, and teaching others how to do the same.

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