Golden Gorilla Speakeasy Review

NFTs are truly taking over the internet day by day. New creators jump into the metaverse and showcase their visions. Photographers, graphic artists, musicians, fine artists, the possibilities for creators are endless. Today we are going to chat all about Golden Gorilla Speakeasy. What they are doing for the metaverse, their designs, and how you can support their work.

“The Golden Gorilla Speakeasy is a rare NFT collection of 10,000 Golden Gorillas. Why a
gorilla? Because they are more than six times stronger than a human, and even still, they are known to not be dangerous unless provoked. Our goal is simple, to create utility where our holders profit and do good for the world. We utilize over 300 hand-drawn traits, so the rarity of each Golden Gorilla is as high as possible. Each GG NFT is rare and unique, giving holders access to our exclusive private speakeasy and many other benefits and utilities.“

This project is perfect for any collector who is looking to add more cartoon styled NFTs to their gallery. The line work in each NFT is truly amazing, and showcases the talent of the creators. They also utilize the colors perfectly to fit the mood of each NFT! The great part about this new project is all holders will receive a free 3D render of their NFTs!

They even have a well thought out Roadmap that illustrates what they will do as they grow. For example they plan on releasing merchandise! So holders will be able to purchase merchandise with their gorilla on it! This is a fun and unique way to keep holders interactive with the community. They even have a great video explaining their Roadmap:

Golden Gorilla Speakeasy also have their own Discord Server where fans and holders can interact with one another. Since this project is new it is a perfect time to join the server! There you will be able to stay updated on drops, news, and perhaps pitch your ideas for what’s to come next. Be sure to check out all they have going on. This new collection will truly bring so much to anyone’s gallery. Check out all of their links today. Perhaps you will find your next big NFT. Support them today. You will not regret it!

Currently they have a Mac Book giveaway going on. Lean more HERE:

Be sure to check them out HERE:

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