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Exclusive Interview: Exploring Zigazoo Kids – Holiday Buzz and the 2024 Vision!

In an engaging conversation with Ashley Mady from Zigazoo, we delved into their innovative platform, the holiday season, and their ambitious goals for 2024. It was a pleasure to explore how Zigazoo’s interactive approach is reshaping children’s content, especially during this festive time of the year.

1.Tell us about Zigazoo Kids! What is it all about?

Zigazoo Kids is the world’s largest social network for kids, providing a safe and positive digital space for over 8 million users. Our platform is designed to cultivate confidence and impart essential digital citizenship skills. 

At Zigazoo, our user experience is differentiated – brands, kid creators and celebrities post one-of-a-kind challenges, and our users respond with their own video messages. Our human moderated platform empowers kids to express themselves while fostering connections with their peers. 

We also take pride in our esteemed partnerships with some of the globe’s leading brands and celebrities, and have an extensive network of kid creators composed of the biggest Generation Alpha influencers. 

2. Zigazoo Kids took a cool approach to finding the hottest toys this holiday season. Can you tell us how your market intelligence trick is different from the old-school methods?

Our innovative marketing intelligence polling feature sets us apart by capturing real-time insights directly from the source – kids themselves. By inserting the polls in our app where kids are already spending their time, it provides a dynamic space for them to express their authentic opinions via polls and share their insights by video. In contrast to traditional marketing intelligence methods, our approach is agile and the real-time engagement is a key differentiator, allowing us to stay ahead and right on the pulse of what Gen Alpha cares about most. 

3. So, why did Zigazoo decide to ask the real experts (the kids!) about their wishlist toppers for the holidays this year?

While industry awards typically rely on adult experts, Zigazoo took a different route by seeking insights directly from the real experts—the kids themselves. By polling our users, we gain access to their fresh perspectives, allowing their authentic voices to shape the narrative. At Zigazoo, we strongly believe in elevating kids’ voices, and involving them in this process is not only fun but also empowers them by putting them in charge of selecting their holiday wishlist favorites.

4. Getting kids involved in picking holiday toys is pretty neat! How do you think this shakes things up for the toy industry?

This initiative has undeniably attracted attention, and we anticipate a growing influence with more awards powered by Zigazoo! We’re excited about playing a more substantial role in bringing kid opinions to the forefront, influencing the industry, and contributing to positive change on a larger scale.

5. Where can folks support and learn more about Zigazoo Kids?

Visit our website https://zigazoo.com/, and stay connected with us on social media by following @ZigazooKids on Facebook and Instagram! If you have kids, we invite you to download our app and let them experience the magic of Zigazoo first hand. 

6. Any goals for 2024? 

In 2024, our primary focus is on growth and reach. We’re actively working on syndicating our content across various platforms and developing interactive programming – stay tuned for more exciting updates in that space! 

Our overarching goal is to ensure the Zigazoo brand becomes ubiquitous, reaching kids everywhere they are spending their time. 

7. Finally, do you think Zigazoo and the kids teaming up will have a lasting impact on the kinds of toys we see in the future? Got any hints on how?

Absolutely! We have ambitious plans to leverage our marketing intelligence and polling solutions to lead and influence the product development process, as well as shape buyer behaviors. Additionally, we’re actively exploring the exciting possibility of introducing a crowdsourced toy line developed by real kids – more exciting updates to follow there. 

ABOUT Zigazoo Kids

Our mission is to give youth a safe and positive community where they can find joy, develop healthy online relationships, and aspire to their greatest potential as tomorrow’s digital citizens.

Zigazoo was founded by parents and teachers who understand the concerns that caregivers have about social media for their kids and also the strong desire that kids have to engage with social media. Zigazoo is carefully designed to build confidence and promote diverse perspectives and self expression. We work closely with our users and their families to ensure that Zigazoo kids are getting the best that social media has to offer.

Our world class team recognizes the power of social media in today’s world and the absence of environments built with children’s well-being in mind. Using our expertise in child development and education Zigazoo is designed to highlight the opportunity for confidence and relationship building, digital literacy, self expression and FUN while safe-guarding against harmful side effects that adult social media presents for youth.

Zigazoo’s mission resonates with brands, celebrities and public institutions who are all working with us to build a brighter digital future.

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