Percy Jackson & The Olympians Review

The Percy Jackson novel series was Rick Riordan’s pride and joy as it was a hit with young readers, but adapting them into live-action has been a struggle, to say the least. The first two films based on the books were mediocre at best as they had a hard time world-building this franchise and making […]

Dragon Ball Episode 1 Review: “The Secret of the Dragon Balls”

Dragon Ball All Ages of Geek

Alright, geek squad, it’s Ryder here! Let’s jump into the very first episode of Dragon Ball, where it all began. We’re talking “The Secret of the Dragon Balls,” a classic that hit the airwaves back in ’86. This episode is where we meet our tail-sporting hero, Goku, and the beginning of an epic journey. Goku’s […]

8 Winter-Themed Visual Novels to Play

Hey fellow geeks, Ryder here! Let’s talk about some cool (pun intended) Otome and Visual Novel games perfect for the winter season. Curl up with a hot cocoa, and let’s explore these frosty stories. Eternal Winter A curse, a doomed empire, and the quest for true love. Sound like your cup of tea? Eternal Winter […]

Exclusive Interview: Exploring Zigazoo Kids – Holiday Buzz and the 2024 Vision!

Zigazoo Kids All Ages of Geek

In an engaging conversation with Ashley Mady from Zigazoo, we delved into their innovative platform, the holiday season, and their ambitious goals for 2024. It was a pleasure to explore how Zigazoo’s interactive approach is reshaping children’s content, especially during this festive time of the year. 1.Tell us about Zigazoo Kids! What is it all […]