Dead By Daylight: A New Wave?


About a couple weeks ago, Epic Games made Dead By Daylight free for a limited time. While the game was released in 2016, Dead By Daylight has become one of the most played games as of late because so many people got it for free. I for one had the game way before the recent promotion and maybe I should’ve waited before making that purchase.

For those that haven’t heard about Dead By Daylight, it is a 1v4 horror survival game. The one being the “Killer” and the 4 being the survivors. As a survivor, your goal is to fix 5 generators and then eventually escape the area while not getting caught. As a killer, you want to be able to prevent the survivors from escaping and you slow the process down by being able to break down generators, or after you hit a survivor twice you hook them (shown below).

Players have the option of being able to play as either the Killer or as a survivor. Playing as either or has its benefits and depending on how your feeling, you can choose to play as a bloodthirsty killer or runaway as a sneaky survivor.


Personally, with all the updates the game has made, mostly creating new killers, I do see it as a game people would be playing for fun with their friends. You can either choose to play to win or just troll the killer the entire time, there isn’t one right way to play the game. However, as much publicity the game has received recently, I do not believe this will last.

Look at games like Fall Guys and Among Us to an extent. In 2020 it became a huge wave to play these games with friends, but after a while the hype died down. While these games have made updates to try to maintain gamers to keep playing the game, it does get repetitive after a while and thus people lose interest. Even myself, as much as I do enjoy the game, after a couple of days, it does get boring. No matter how I decide to play, eventually it just gets boring after a while.

One of the biggest determining factors for a video game, especially requiring multiple players to play, to become a long lasting game is if there is a professional scene for it. The game has been around for 6 years and as of yet, there has been no news of any professional tournaments or play just yet. Maybe it will happen, but the odds of that are very unlikely.


Dead By Daylight for sure is an enjoyable game. It keeps you on your toes and you may experience a few jump scares here and there. Currently for PC, it is being sold for $20, and in my opinion it is a bit of a steep price to pay. If you’re looking for something super competitive, this may not be the game for you. If you are looking for a game that is scary that you can play with friends, personally, I believe Phasmophobia would be a better option and the game is a lot cheaper.

If you are looking for a change in scenery after playing Phasmophobia, then I would say it is worth the buy, but do be warned, after you play the game 3 or 4 times, you’ll realize the same repetition over and over again.

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